About CleanTechPunt

CleanTechPunt is a non-profit organization that propagates Cleantech to a wide audience in order to support the transition to a low carbon circular economy. CleanTechPunt organizes education (CleanTechAmbassador and CleanTechConsultant, CleanTechInsight and CleanTechLectures) on different levels, spreading the Cleantech message beyond the traditional information activities.

CleanTechPunt also plans on-site company visits so that people can see and feel the subject matter in actual practice, rather than only having a theoretical background on the subject. Having access to state-of-the-art Cleantech demonstration lines will make CleanTechPunt’s programme more attractive. The interaction with the other Cleantech projects can lead to new projects and ideas for CleanTechPunt.

Furthermore, we are developing a (mobile) Cleantech lab for schools in which we let students experiment with the latest Cleantech techniques to generate more interest and obtain insights in the important role of Cleantech. We focus on a wide range of themes on which Cleantech can be applied such as raw materials and renewable energy, water, mobility, ecosystems, agriculture …



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